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Elementor 3.0 New Theme Builder – Build WordPress Sites Fast

Learn How to Create Dynamic WordPress Websites Using Elementor Page Builder With the New Theme Builder & Global Settings
Danijel Rose
142 students enrolled
Learn How to Combine Theme Style & Global Settings (Colors & Fonts)
Learn How to Set up an Easy to Manage Website (Design System)
Use Elementor Templates and Template Kits
Turn Static Content Into Dynamic Content by Using Custom Fields
Difference Between WordPress and Elementor Settings
Use Elementor Theme Builder

In this course, you will learn how to build in a fast way all pages of your WordPress website thanks to Elementor Templates. I will show you how you can set up a Design System in Elementor to manage all of your global settings (global colors and global fonts) in one single place. You will also see how you can turn your static pages into dynamic content using custom fields and the new Theme Builder functionality.

Why you should take this course

  • UP TO DATE content – we are using Elementor 3.0 with the NEW Theme Builder and Global Settings

  • Don’t just create a simple website – make it dynamic and save time while adding new content to your site!

  • Udemy Bestseller instructor with over 10 years of WordPress experience

  • Great “value/spent time – ratio” (no unnecessary waiting time)

  • Many helpful tips!

What you will learn

  • How to create website pages fast using Elementor Templates and the new Theme Builder

  • The difference between WordPress, Theme, and Elementor settings

  • How to create your own Theme Builder Templates

  • How to make your site dynamic

  • How to set up your website to easily maintain the website content

This is what other people say about me and my courses:

(Translated from German)

“One of the best courses I have taken at Udemy so far. The “WordPress course from WPC with the No. 1 Page Builder ELEMENTOR!” is perfectly structured, informative, and explained understandably (even for an absolute beginner like me). Furthermore, Danijel answers open questions very quickly.”

“I haven’t finished the course yet, but I already rate it as excellent, as it gives a lot of small tips on the ‘side’, especially about the things you are looking for in vain in Elementor.”

“The best of courses and similar tutorials I have ever experienced. WordPress and Elementor presented in an appealing and competent way. This course in German is unique. Absolute recommendation. I hope more courses will follow.”

“I already knew a lot about Elementor. Nevertheless, I learned some new things that were unknown to me so far. Also very pleasant in the presentation. Very good!”

Module 1: Introduction & WordPress vs. Elementor

Introduction & Course Content
Elementor Requirements
WordPress Test Site Setup and Elementor Installation (FREE)

Presenting the test site setup and installing of Elementor free and PRO.

Affiliate Link to Elementor PRO: https://elementor.com/pricing/?ref=1569

Thank you very much for your support!

Important Elementor Settings (FREE)

Some important first steps in Elementor after the installation.

Article about DOM optimized output:


Create a Coming Soon Site With Elementor (FREE)

How to create a Coming Soon site in Elementor?

How to exit Elementor Editor and return to Dashboard?

How to change the Page Layout Template to Elementor Canvas?

Best WordPress Themes for Elementor (FREE)
Quiz 1: Elementor Themes
Astra vs. Hello -Why You Should NOT Use Hello Elementor Theme With Theme Builder

Missing schema markup in Hello Theme: https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3990

WordPress vs. WordPress Theme vs. Elementor (FREE)

Difference between WordPress Templates and WordPress Theme? (04:30)

Quiz 2: Differences Between a WordPress Theme and the Theme Builder?
Elementor (Theme Builder) vs. WordPress Editor / WordPress Theme

Module 2: Using an Elementor Template Kit to Create All Website Pages in Minutes

Module Overview and Introduction to Elementor Template Kits
Difference Between Static and Dynamic Pages in Elementor (FREE)
Create Static Pages (Homepage, About, Contact & 404) with Elementor Template Kit
Create a Header Including the Menu by Using Elementor Header Template and Popups
Why It Is a Bad Idea to Include Your Contact Form Into Popups?
What Is a Single Post Template?
Create a Single Post Template
Create a Footer With Elementor

Module 3: Design System & Theme Style - Manage Global Styling in Elementor

Module Overview and Definition of the Design System? (FREE)
Bonus-Tip: How to Define Colors for Your Website? (FREE)

Helpful links:


Design System - Global Colors (FREE)
Design System - Global Fonts (FREE)
Theme Style Settings vs. Global Colors & Fonts (FREE)

Support Article on Elementor Site:


Using Theme Style & Global Colors & Fonts on Existing Elementor Template (FREE)

How to open browser developer tools in Elementor Editor?

Using the Navigator (12:12)

Module 4: Tweaking Elementor Templates and Making your Elementor Site Dynamic

Module Overview and Setting the Content Width (FREE)
Adding a Personal Touch to the Elementor Templates (FREE)

Tool for removing background of your images: https://photoscissors.com/

Cool Design Trick: Using Elementor Section as Image Overlay for Videos (FREE)
Adding Custom Fields to the WordPress Content (Lesson Page)
Great Plugins to Extend WordPress & Tips for Online Course Site Structure (FREE)
Single Template vs. Page Saved as Template - Part 1
Single Template vs. Page Saved as Template - Part 2
Create Listings for Dynamic Content Such as Courses and Lessons
What Is a Single Page Template?
Single Post Template vs. Single Page Template vs. Page saved as Template

Module 5: Conclusion & Thank you

Helpful Links & Have Fun With Elementor!
WordPress Installation in 5 Steps (Backup)

Support Article on wordpress.org: https://wordpress.org/support/article/how-to-install-wordpress/

Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDePOXVPoWA (German)

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